Curator:  Bert Hogenkamp
Name artist: Pim Zwier
Title of the work you have chosen: Alles was irgendwie nützt
English title: All what is somehow usefull
Year of production: 2014
Format: HD Video

In September our board member and Dutch film historian Bert Hogenkamp selected 'All what is somehow usefull', made by Pim Zwier (also from the Netherlands). The film was screened at many filmfestivals and Pim Zwier gave us permission to screen the film in September 2015. Now, you can see the trailer here.

About the curator
Name: Bert Hogenkamp
Your work: Film historian
What is your main interest: Documentary film, film and the labour movement
Country: The netherlands
About the film and the filmmakers:

What can you tell about this film? Using the collection of glass negatives of the Martin-
Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg Zwier is not only showing the results of the animal breeding
programme in the 1930's but also reflecting on (wo)man's relationship with the animal world.

How does this film relate to the theme ‘politics and poetry’ in your opinion? The film is a
short poem because of its rhythm but forces at the same time the spectator to reflect on society
and its relationship with nature.

Are politics and poetry (or politics and arts) two separate worlds according to you? Why / why
They are and are not, depending on the cerative artist.





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