Each month a guest curator presents a piece of (film)art , made by a new or relatively unknown filmmaker, with both poetic and political qualities. Joris Ivens was a political filmmaker and a poetic filmmaker altogether.. "What all my films have in common is that people are moved by something. Moved by their desire for freedom, moved by water, moved by the wind. I don't think there is any difference between Ivens filming the wind or Ivens filming revolutions," said Ivens himself in 1976. In light of this thought, we created this space for (film)artists working in the field of “Politics and Poetry”. Even though we will work with different curators each month, please feel free to suggest your own film or piece of art. You can also present yourself as a curator if you consider a film or piece of art relevant to the theme of “Politics and Poetry” and hence warrant more critical attention.

Name curator: Virginie Foloppe
Name artist: Virginie Foloppe
Title of the work you have chosen: Mister Freud it’s my pleasure to disarm you
Year of production:



Read more: DEC2017: Mister Freud it’s my pleasure to disarm you (Virginie Foloppe)

Name curator: Postcolonial film
Name artist: Prasanna
Title of the work you have chosen: Muduma Kolam
Year of production:


Prasanna Ratnayake, Postcolonial Films for Amnesty International.

Read more: NOV2017: Mudumai Kolam by Prasanna (Curator: Postcolonial film)

Name curator: Alisa Lebow
Name artist: Jasmina Metwaly
Title of the work you have chosen: Remarks on Medan (#haiku)
Year of production:
Format: 16mm


Read about the film and the curator down here:

Read more: OCT2017: Remarks on Medan #haiku (Jasmina Metwaly) Curator: Alisa Lebow

Name curator: Alex Johnston
Name artist: Nick Macdonald
Title of the work you have chosen: No More Leadershit
English title: No More Leadershit
Year of production: 1971
Format: 16mm

Read about the film and the curator down here:

Read more: SEP2017: PandP Sep 2017: No more leadershit (Nick Macdonald) Curator: Alex Johnston

Because of hollidays there was no PandP selection in August

Name curator:Elizabeth Mizon
Name artist:Shagufta K Iqbal
Title of the work you have chosen:‘Borders’
Year of production:2015

Read the interview with the curator down here:

Read more: JUL 2017: Borders (Elizabeth Mizon) Curator: Shagufta K Iqbal

Name curator: Sarah Hamblin
Name artist: Abu Ali Mustafa
Title of the work you have chosen: They Do Not Exist
Year of production: 1974

Read the interview with curator Sarah Hamblin down here:

Read more: JUN 2017: PandP Jun2017:They Do Not Exist (Abu Ali Mustafa) Curator: Sarah Hamblin

Name curator: Dominique Willaert
Name artist: Brecht Vanhoenacker
Title of the work you have chosen: De wet van het dorp
English title: The law of the village
Year of production: 2012
Format: 16:9

Read the interview with Dominique Willaert down here:

Read more: MAY 2017: The law of the village (Brecht Vanhoenacker) Curator: Dominique Willaert

Curator: Erika Sprey
Film: Las Cosas Lindas
Director: Miguel Coyula
Year: 2017


This is one chapter of the longer film 'Nadie'. Read the interview with the curator Erika Sprey down here:

Read more: APR 2017: Las Cosas Lindas (Miguel Coyula) Curator: Erika Sprey

Curator: Travis Wilkerson
Films: 400 cm³ by Studio H&S, East Germany
National Archive by Travis Wilkerson, US

An excerpt from the film '400cm3' has been replaced by the trailer of this film.
Read more about the curators choice down here.

Read more: MAR2017: One at ground level. The other, at towering heights (Curator: Travis Wilkerson)

Title: Fuera de campo (Out of field vision)
Director: Hugo Giménez
Curator: Fernando Moure 
Country: Paraguay
Year: 2014
Format: HD


Interview with curator Fernando Moure down here

Read more: FEB2017: Fuera de campo (Hugo Giménez) Curator: Fernando Moure

Name curator: Raquel Schefer
Name artist: Ana Vaz
Title of the work you have chosen: Sacris Pulso
Year of production: 2008
Format: 16-8mm transfer DVCAM | ST

Down here, you can read the interview with the curator of this film, Raquel Schafer...

Read more: JAN2017: Sacris Pulso (Ana Vaz), Curator: Raquel Schefer

Name curator: Nicole BRENEZ
Name artist: Chaab MAHMOUD
Title of the work you have chosen: Grève sauvage (la genèse)
English title: Wildcat Strike (Genesis)
Year of production: 2009
Format: digital

English subtitles are available in You Tube! Please click on the subtitle screen in the right corner.

Read more: Jan2016: Grève sauvage (Chaab Mahmoud) Curator:Nicole Brenez

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