Mark Hamlyn made a new composition for The Billi Brass Quintet for Ivens' 'the Bridge'. It is part of the Billi Brass' Silent Films Project.

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In the series 'Stationen der Filmgeschichte' (Stations of Film History) the Filmmuseum Düsseldorf presents films of 100 Master film directors who influenced film history. Stations are sites of arrivals, departures, crossings and switches, similar to icons of film history: the selected film directors paved the way of new directions, cross overs and switches in filmmaking. On 3 January the Filmmuseum presents three films of Joris Ivens: Lied der Ströme (1954, Song of the Rivers), ...à Valparaiso (1963) and Regen (1929, Rain).

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‘A new Ivens’, this is how German film historian Günter Jordan describes the documentary The Compass Rose (Die Wndrose, 1957). With an outstanding cast,  like Simone Signoret, Yves Montand, Helene Weigel, with outstanding directors like Alberto Cavalcanti, Yannick Bellon and Gilio Pontecorvo, this five-episode omnibus film presented a new style and format in documentary film. It was shown during the International Documentary Festival DOKS Leipzig celebrating its 70th anniversary on 3 November.

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During the UBUD Writers festival on Bali the 'Black Armada/Hitam Armada' exhibition was presented at the Agung Rai Museum of Art. Dr. Helena Studdert, consul-general of Australia on Bali, attended the opening event. This travelling exhibition, with the permanent screening of Ivens' Indonesia Calling, made by the National Maritime Museum of Australia on the initiative of Mr. Anthony Liem was already shown in Sydney and Yogyakarta. It will be shown at the end of November at the Margarana National Park to commemorate the 70th anniversay of the death of national hero Ngurah Rai. 

On Friday prof. Thomas Waugh (Concordia University, Montreal) presented his monumental 'The Conscience of Cinema. The Works of Joris Ivens 1912-1989' in EYE Amsterdam. Together with Amsterdam University Press and the European Foundation Joris Ivens, EYE organized an expertmeeting, two filmscreenings of six Ivensfilms and a live music performance accompanying Rain (Regen, 1929, Ivens/Franken). This marked the launch of a book that for the first time surveys all the films of Ivens, with a description, analysis and many new insights. It is an eloquent, evocative, intelligent and passionate book.

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Of late, there has been a growing interest in The Netherlands to re-examine the decolonisation of Indonesia (1945-1949), particularly the military conflict between the two countries. This seminar in Leiden, organized by Ariel Heryanto, professor at the School Culture, History and Language (The Australian National University) is called ‘Decolonializing Indonesia: The Left and Indonesia Calling’. The paper offers a preliminary analysis of the conflict and its cultural and political dimensions within a broader regional context, including Australia, The Netherlands and Indonesia. At the KITLV/Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies

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At the occasion of the launch of Thomas Waugh's masterly book The Conscience of Cinema. The Works of Joris Ivens 1926-1989, a special Joris Ivens Seminar will organized in EYE Study on 21 October 2016. Paul Kusters, president of the Ivens Foundation, will be the moderator of the day with lectures and debates focussing on 'Ivens & The Netherlands'. The programme also includes the screening of Indonesia Calling!, New Earth, The Bridge, Rotterdam-Europoort and a Q&A.

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The 13th Ubud Writers & Readers Festival is Southeast Asia’s leading festival of words and ideas. The Festival celebrates extraordinary stories, amplifies brave voices, and tackles global issues through the lens of literature and the arts. On 30 October Ivens’ Indonesia Calling! will be shown with a Q&A of Agung Rai, Anthony and Helen Liem and other guests from the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Read more: Indonesia Calling! at UBUD Festival, Bali

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