On Friday prof. Thomas Waugh (Concordia University, Montreal) presented his monumental 'The Conscience of Cinema. The Works of Joris Ivens 1912-1989' in EYE Amsterdam. Together with Amsterdam University Press and the European Foundation Joris Ivens, EYE organized an expertmeeting, two filmscreenings of six Ivensfilms and a live music performance accompanying Rain (Regen, 1929, Ivens/Franken). This marked the launch of a book that for the first time surveys all the films of Ivens, with a description, analysis and many new insights. It is an eloquent, evocative, intelligent and passionate book.

The book has already been sold so good that a second edition is being forseen by AUP. 
Paul Kusters (l.), president of the Ivens Foundation, in his talk with prof. Thomas Waugh (r.) during the expert meeting, Friday 21 October 2016 in EYE.
The first book was presented by Thomas Waugh to Tineke de Vaal as a thanks for the help of Jan de Vaal, former director of the Netherlands Filmmuseum, in providing access to the archive and the films for research in the 1980's.



































































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