This month October Ivens’ films will be presented during major documentary festivals in Japan and the Czech Republic. Also the new created Bertha DocHouse in London will screen an Ivensfilm in their programme.

Yamagata, Japan
The Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival created a special theme programme on Latin American documentary film during the 1960’s: ‘Latinoamérica—The Time and the People: Memories, Passion, Work and Life’. During this decade many legendary filmmakers emerged from Latin America in the “Third Cinema” (Tercer Cine in Spanish) movement, which explored new forms of cinema. With the rise of dictatorships, filmmakers who found it difficult to create in their homelands crossed national borders to complete their works with assistance in other countries, in an atmosphere of international solidarity. “Third Cinema” also refers to a new form of cinematic exploration that materialized in the so-called Third World (Asia, Africa and Latin America). In view of the great difficulties our society faces today, the YIDFF has programmed films from throughout Latin America that transcend national and island boundaries, not only present day works, but 1960s and ’70s explorations aiming at social reform through film, that encourage an examination of our contemporary society from the perspective of Third World resistance.
In this programme Ivens’…a Valparaiso (1963) will be shown.
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Jihlava, Czech Republic
The 19th  Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival is a celebration of creative documentary film and the largest event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe, which approaches documentary films primarily as unique artworks dealing with significant topics.The festival represents an artifact inspiring a playful reflection of the world from various perspectives not following common festival models, nor a routine, pragmatic approach to program selection. Jihlava pays tribute to courage and risk.
The festival will screen Cinemafia, the film of Jean Rouch about a visit of Joris Ivens and Henri Storck to the village of Katwijk, at the beach of the Northsea, where once, in 1929, Ivens made a fiction film called Breakers.

Bertha DocHouse, London
The Bertha DocHouse Screen in The Brunswick, London, is the UK's first cinema dedicated solely to documentary films and events. It opened its doors half a year ago and selects the best docs out there and brings them along with discussion, masterclasses and unique learning opportunities.
To coincide with the release of Invisible Heroesthe DocHouse screens Joris Iven's seminal documentary on the Spanish Civil War The Spanish Earth.




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