At the occasion of the launch of Thomas Waugh's masterly book The Conscience of Cinema. The Works of Joris Ivens 1926-1989, a special Joris Ivens Seminar will organized in EYE Study on 21 October 2016. Paul Kusters, president of the Ivens Foundation, will be the moderator of the day with lectures and debates focussing on 'Ivens & The Netherlands'. The programme also includes the screening of Indonesia Calling!, New Earth, The Bridge, Rotterdam-Europoort and a Q&A.

The Conscience of Cinema. The Works of Joris Ivens 1926-1989 (780 pages, Amsterdam University Press) will become the standard in Ivens Studies, because it is the first book to survey the entire film career of Joris Ivens within the framework of the development of the international documentary filmmovement. Ivens worked on every continent over the course of seven decades and in almost every genre, including the essay, compilation, hybrid dramatization, socialist realism, and more. Whether in his native Netherlands, Europe, North-America, Asia, Latin-America, Africa or beyond, he left an indelible artistic and political mark that continues to resonate in the twenty-first century. Being a specialist in Third World Cinema and committed documentary filmhistory Canadian filmhistorian Thomas Waugh is the first to relate Ivens' film with many films and filmmakers in these continents and with these subjects, which were for a long time neglected or overlooked. That's why his book is much more than a biography of a leftist committed to changing the world through film, The Conscience of Cinema is especially a fascinating microcosmic history of the documentary and its form, culture, and place within twentieth-century world cinema.

Program Ivens seminar:

02.00 – 03.00 PM: Q&A with prof. Thomas Waugh about his book, presented by Paul Kusters (president of the Ivens Foundation). You are welcome from 1.30 PM in the EYE Filmmuseum, IJ promenade.

03.30 PM:l Thomas Waugh will introduce in EYE Filmmuseum a film programme in which the relationship between Joris Ivens and The Netherlands will be the focus. After the films a Q&A with Waugh will be held, presented by Rommy Albers (senior curator EYE).

The Bridge (De brug, NL 1928 12’), Indonesia Calling (AU 1946 23´), Nieuwe gronden (New Earth, NL 1932/33 29’), Rotterdam – Europoort ( NL/FR 1966; 20’)

 7.30 PM: Regen (Rain, 1929) with live music (EYE music ensemble Martin de Ruiter) and Une histoire de vent (A Tale of the Wind, 1988)



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