Festival de Cine Africano de Tarifa that is held from 21 to 29 May is the festival for African cinema, this years focus is on  the 50 years of independence celebrations in Africa. Demain a Nanguila Ivens film from 1960 about Mali `s independence was an important film and led the foundation of the Malian film art. For the occasion of this festival the European Foundation Joris Ivens scanned the film and the festival subtitles the film in Spanish



Nanguila Tomorow is a film about the independence of the Mali federation (Mali and Senegal), founded in april 1960, shown by telling the story of a boy, which returns to the city and to his family after having experienced turmoil and then becomes active in irrigating the fields.

For the complete program of the festival clck here


DOC `S KINGDOM is the international seminar on documentary film from wich will take place in Serpa, Portugal from June 16 to 20. This year`s theme: is: The Archive-Image 


Doc `s Kingdom, the international documentary seminar in Serpa, Portugal is always striving to have all the directors of the films present for public debates and panel discussions. Doc`s Kingdom 2010 will present several examples of footage films. The seminar will maintain distinctive elements, such as the promotion of contact between different generations of documentary filmmakers and documentary styles.
The European Foundation Joris Ivens is a partner of Doc `s Kingdom.
Visit the Doc `s Kingdom website (English) for the full program.


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