Since 1978, the international documentary film festival Cinéma du réel has been an outstanding international meeting point, where the public and professionals discover the current state of art of documentary films. The festival programs some two hundred films for its various sections, screened at the Centre Pompidou and other venues. One of the international film competitions is the First Film Competition for the Joris Ivens Award. The selected films and filmmakers of this Joris Ivens Award 2013 are: 

31st Haul by Denis Klebleev (Russia)
Atalaku by Hamadi Dieudo (France, Démocratic Republic of Congo)
Fiebres by Adrien Lecouturier (France)
Mirror of the Bride by Yuki Kawamura (Japan, France)
Rain by Gerard-Jan Claes, Olivia Rochette (Belgium, France)
Tchoupitoulas by Bill & Turner Ross (USA)
Terra de Ninguém (No Man’s Land) by Salomé Lamas (Portugal)
La Tierra Quieta (Still Land) by Ruben Margallo (Spain)

The festival will take place from March 21st till the 31st. The winners will be announced on Saturday March 30. The Joris Ivens Award is supported by Marceline Loridan-Ivens, the European Foundation Joris Ivens and the Association of Friends of Cinéma du réel.

Maria Bonsanti, former co-director of the Festival dei Popoli in Florence succeeds Javier Packer-Comyn called, after 4 years at the artistic direction of the festival, to other responsibilities in Brussels.


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