Curator: Travis Wilkerson
Films: 400 cm³ by Studio H&S, East Germany
National Archive by Travis Wilkerson, US

An excerpt from the film '400cm3' has been replaced by the trailer of this film.
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I’ve been asked to provide a link to a short work that combines politics and poetics. Instead, I offer two.

We’re hurtling towards war and so my paring is about war.

One, the apogee of solidarity and therefore lyricism.

The other, an embodiment of violence as a distant abstract painting.

One, at ground level.

The other, at towering heights.

One, as violence showers down, the living breathing blood from their veins.

The other, a 100 billion dollars for a 100 billion bombs.

One, the common view of the human being.

The other, god-like perspective of the distant ruler.

One, a worker’s movie.

The other, an owner’s movie.

Travis Wilkerson




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