Hanns Eisler made the music for 'Komsomol', among other Ivens films.

Because of the passing of the famous composer Hanns Eisler 50 years ago, the film "Regen" of Joris Ivens will be screened on 3rd October 2012 at Centraltheater Leipzig as part of the event: "Eisler I Sohn ohne Stadt- eine musikalisch-szenische Revue zum 50. Todestag von Hanns Eisler". There were ‘Hans Eissler days’ organized in Berlin ass wel. Here they also showed two films of Ivens;‘Heldenlied (Pesn o gerojach) and ‘Regen’ because Eisler composed music for these films.  


Hanns Eisler and Joris Ivens met in the cultural Mecca of the twenties: Berlin. After avant-garde formal experiments the two men brought their art into action against fascism and in favour of the communist labour movement in the thirties. Their professional co-operation began in Magnitogorsk in 1932. It resulted in the Suite für Orchester Nr 4 opus 30 (Die Jugend hat das wort) accompanying the film Pesn O gerojach (Komsomol, Song of Heroes). For the film New earth(1933) Eisler arranged the film music of Kuhle Wampe. The sequence of the closure of the Wieringermeer dike has become a classic: in it the photographic and techniological editing qualities of Ivens and Helen van Dongen are linked to the compositional power of Hanns Eisler’s music. In 1936 Ivens travelled to the United States. Eisler arrived there in 1938, banned from his own country. In that year Ivens made The 400 Million and he asked his friend to write the music for it; the first time that the twelve-tone system of music is incorporated in a documentary film. In 1941 the roles are reversed: Eisler asks Ivens if he can use the silent film Rain for his ‘Film Music Project’ which he lead at the New School of Social Research in New York. Afterwards Eisler considered the quintet Vierzehn Arten, den Regen zu beschreiben (Fourteen ways of describing the rain) as his best chamber music.

He dedicated it to the 70-year-old Schönberg. After he was exiled from America Eisler meets Ivens again in Prague in 1948 where they lived together with Marion Michelle and Catherine Duncan for some months.

3 October 2012 at Centraltheater Leipzig

 4 September 2012
Pesn o gerojach
D: Joris Ivens, USSR 1933 (50 mins)
Opening film: Rain
D: Joris Ivens, Mannus Franken, Netherlands 1929 (12 mins)
Introduction: Dr Günter Agde

Start: 8 pm


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