Elke maand presenteert op deze pagina een gastcurator een artistiek (film)werk van een beginnende of relatief onbekende maker dat zowel politieke als poëtische kwaliteiten heeft. Joris Ivens was tegelijkertijd zowel een politieke als een poëtische filmmaker. Die twee kwaliteiten stonden niet tegenover elkaar, maar liepen in elkaar over. ‘Al mijn films hebben als grondpatroon dat mensen ergens door bewogen worden. Door hun verlangens naar vrijheid, door het water, de wind. Er is geloof ik geen verschil tussen Ivens die de wind filmt en Ivens die revoluties filmt’, zei Ivens in 1976. Vanuit die visie willen wij hier nu ruimte maken voor (film)kunstenaars die ook op het snijvlak van 'politiek' en 'poëzie' werken. Hoewel we met roulerende curators werken, ben je altijd vrij om je eigen werk voor te stellen aan ons of jezelf aan te bieden als curator als je een bepaald werk van iemand in de schijnwerpers wilt zetten.

Name curator: Dick Smits
Name artist: George Franju
Title of the work you have chosen: Le sang des bêtes
English title: Blood of the Beasts
Year of production: 1949
Format: 4:3

Watch 'Le sang des bêtes' here, narrated in English.

Lees meer: Jul 2016:Le sang des bêtes (George Franju) Curator:Dick Smits

Because of hollidays there was no PandP selection in August

Name curator: Pedro Tavares
Name artist: Laura Waddington
Title of the work you have chosen: Border
English title: Border
Year of production: 2004
Format: 27 min. Digibeta PAL, Colour, Stereo

Read down here the interview with the curator Pedro Mota Tavares about his selection

Lees meer: Sep 2016:Border (Laura Waddington) Curator:Pedro Tavares

Name curator: TONI D'ANGELA
Title of the work you have chosen: CALGON
English title: CALGON
Year of production: 2014
Format: 16mm to Digital

Down here a letter from the filmmakers ánd an interview with the curator Toni D'angela (in French)

Lees meer: Oct 2016:PandP Oct2016: Calgon (Stephanie Wuertz & Sasha Janerus) Curator: Toni D'angela

Name curator: Sylvain George
Name artist: Ken Jacobs
Title of the work you have chosen: « Capitalism : slavery »
English title: « Capitalism : slavery »
Year of production: 2006
Format: digital

The interview with the curator of this film Sylvian George will be available soon:

Lees meer: NOV2016: Capitalism:Slavery (Ken Jacobs) Curator: Sylvian George

Name curator: Paul Douglas Grant
Name artist: Nick Deocampo
Title of the work you have chosen: Oliver
Year of production: 1983
Format: Super 8

Down here, you can read the interview with the curator of this film, Paul Douglas Grant:

Lees meer: DEC2016: Oliver (Nick Deocampo), Curator: Paul Douglas Grant

Name curator: Mei Yang
Title of the work you have chosen: “Wo sui siqu”
Name filmmaker: Hu Jie
English title: “Though I am Gone”
Year of production: 2006
Format: digital video

This month we have a long film at our Politics and Poetry page: 'Though I am Gone', selected by Mei Yang assistant Professor of Chinese, University of San Diego. Curators from all over the world have selected films from everywhere and we are glad to screen the first Chinese production now. Please watch this film, thank you!  

Lees meer: Dec2015:Wo sui siqu (Hu Jie) Curator: Mei Yang

Name Curators: Caroline Kennedy-Pipe/ James I. Rogers
Title of the work you have chosen: Fragments
Year of production: 2006
Format: Sculpture

This month we have two curators. The interesting fact is that one of the curators is also involved in another Politics and Poetry project. So we are very glad to have this opportunity to share ideas.They selected a picture of a sculpture of the artist Steinunn Thórarinsdóttir called 'Fragments'. Contrary to what we normally do with the curators, there is no interview this time about their selection, but they entered an article about the work and ideas behind it. So please read their interesting thougts about 'Fragments' and their ideas about art, politics and war.  

Lees meer: Nov2015:Fragments (S.Thórarinsdóttir) Curator: C.Kennedy-Pipe/ J.I. Rogers

Curator:  Manuel Toledo Otaegui
Name artist: Felipe Egaña
Title of the work you have chosen: El Elefante Blanco
English title: The white elephant
Year of production: 2010
Format: HD Video

We got in contact with Manuel Toledo Otaegui because of his work for the ARQFILMFEST in Chile, and they were interested to screen a few films of Ivens there. In return, we asked him to select a film for our Politics and Poetry page and he selected 'The white elephant'. We are very thankfull for the cooperation. Please read the interview below for the backgrounds and watch the film here.

Lees meer: Oct2015: El Elefante Blanco (Felipe Egaña) Curator: Manuel Toledo Otaegui

Curator:  Bert Hogenkamp
Name artist: Pim Zwier
Title of the work you have chosen: Alles was irgendwie nützt
English title: All what is somehow usefull
Year of production: 2014
Format: HD Video

In September our board member and Dutch film historian Bert Hogenkamp selected 'All what is somehow usefull', made by Pim Zwier (also from the Netherlands). The film was screened at many filmfestivals and Pim Zwier gave us permission to screen the film in September 2015. Now, you can see the trailer here.

Lees meer: Sep2015: All what is somehow usefull (Pim Zwier) Curator: Bert Hogenkamp

Curator:  Shohini Ghosh
Name artist: AJK Mass Communication Research Centre
Title of the work you have chosen: The Song of the `Other’ Firefly
English title: The Song of the `Other’ Firefly
Year of production: 2014
Format: DVC Pro HD

The film was as a final project for the Masters in Mass Communication, at the AJK Mass Communication Research Centre at Jamia Millia Islamia, a Central University in New Delhi. The names (in alphabetical order)of the students who made the film are: Abhijeet Bhatt, Abhishekh Anid Dutta, Meghna Talwar, Nagma Sahi Ansari, 
Umang Sabharwal

Lees meer: Aug2015: Song of the 'other' firefly (AJK Mass Comm. Research Centre) Curator: Shohini Ghosh

Curator:  Bruno Bové
Name artist: Catherine Murphy
Title of the work you have chosen: MAESTRA
English title: TEACHER
Year of production: Cuba/USA 2011 – 33’ release: 2012
Format: video (DVD)


In July 2015 we have screened the film 'Maestra' with permission of the filmmaker and their distributor Women Make Movies. For the future, they allow us to show you this 8 minute-version film, about The Cuban Literacy Campaign in 1961. This film explores this controversial experience through the eyes of the women teachers, and how it changed their sense of themselves.

Lees meer: July 2015: Maestra 8min version (Catherine Murphy) Curator: Bruno Bové



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