Rithy Panh at IDFA. Photo IDFA

At the request of 26th IDFA Cambodian director Rithy Panh (1964, Phnom Penh) compiled his personal Top 10 of documentary films. The films of his Top 10 are screened during the festival, accompanied by a Retrospective of the filmmaker`s own work. In his Top 10 Rithy Panh selected two films of Joris Ivens/ Marceline Loridan-Ivens, which will be screened on Sunday 24th and Monday 25th at EYE and Tuschinski.  

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Catalogus Modernités plurielles 1905/1970: Tatlin, Malewich, Ivens, Pevsner en Huszar.

‘Multiple Modernities’ 1905-1970 is the name of the new permanent presentation of the collection of Centre Pompidou, the National Museum of Modern Art  in Paris. It completely renews the museum`s traditional presentation, focusing on a more open, wide ranging approach to art in the modern period. All continents are covered in this selection of over 1,000 works by nearly 400 artists, making for a more balanced representation of the various regions in the world, and a wider overview of this period of art. Ivens’ Philips radio (1929) is on show in the part called ‘Construct Revolution’. Next to tatlin, Malewich. Pevsner and Huszar.

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The Centre Pompidou in Paris is paying tribute to filmmaker Chris Marker from 16 October until 16 December. Not only through his films, but also by exploring the path of his inspirations, friendships and encounters.. Chris Marker collaborated with his friend Joris Ivens for various projects: …a Valparaiso, Rotterdam Europort, Le ciel, la terre and Loin de Vietnam.  On 23 november the restored version of Loin de Vietnam (Far from Vietnam, 1967) will be shown.

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Exhibition room with avant-garde films at the MMKA, Arnhem

From 20 October 2013 to 23 February 2014, the Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem (MMKA) exhibits The Melancholic Metropolis: Cityscapes between Magic and Realism, 1925-1950. Magic realist painting is displayed alongside photography and film of the same era that visualizes the metropolis as a place of stillness, loneliness, and melancholy. Ivens’s film Rain is on exhibit permanently, alongside other avant-garde films. Also photos of Germaine Krull, Ivens’wife at that time, who inspired him to film cranes and bridges, are presented.  

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The Cultural Studentcentre of the University and high-school of Amsterdam CREA has started a course `Dutch masters in documentary history`. Besides Bert Haanstra and Johan van der Keuken, Joris Ivens will be discussed in detail as well.  

The dutch masters of documentary film have placed the Netherlands on the world map since the fifties. Since then the Netherlands is well known for its documentary tradition. They had also a big influence on the development of documentary in the Netherlands. This was sooner recognized abroad than in their homeland. 

In the course they examinate the influence of these Dutch masters on Dutch documentaryfilm. Besides viewing and discussing the works of the makers, there will be also a focus on the context and the background of the filmmakers, The course takes six weeks and will continue if there are enough participants.

For more infomation take a look at the website of CREA.

Hanns Eisler made the music for 'Komsomol', among other Ivens films.

Because of the passing of the famous composer Hanns Eisler 50 years ago, the film "Regen" of Joris Ivens will be screened on 3rd October 2012 at Centraltheater Leipzig as part of the event: "Eisler I Sohn ohne Stadt- eine musikalisch-szenische Revue zum 50. Todestag von Hanns Eisler". There were ‘Hans Eissler days’ organized in Berlin ass wel. Here they also showed two films of Ivens;‘Heldenlied (Pesn o gerojach) and ‘Regen’ because Eisler composed music for these films.  

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Cover of The Moving Image, The Journal of the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA), 2013.  

Going through the files of Marion Michelle, kept by the European Foundation Joris Ivens in Nijmegen, is like reading a crime novel. Sabine Lenk, who researched these files: ‘her papers document important moments from a quintessential conflict inside the Fédération Internationale des Archives du Film (FIAF, International Federation of Film Archives). Some of the best known film archivists such as Henri Langlois, Ernest Lindgren and Jacques Ledoux, played a significant part, as well as FIAF-president Jerzy Toeplitz. The latest issue of the ‘The Moving Image’ [ISSN 1532-3978] published her article ’Then began the battle royal”, written in collaboration with André Stufkens.

In this article the conflict is reconstructed from the point of view of Marion Michelle. Being the secretary of FIAF she functioned as a catalyst of this conflict, accelerating a development inside FIAF necessary to force a club of old friends to reform and become a professionally structured and ever growing association of film archives.

Read more: Marion Michelle and the FIAF Crisis 1959-1962

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