The European foundation Joris Ivens

The European Foundation Joris Ivens, established in 1990 in memory of the life and work of Joris Ivens, has its office in his birthtown Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
The European Foundation Joris Ivens has an international, in particular European orientation. It aims at: 1. Maintaining and promoting the repute of the life and work of Joris Ivens with the public, especially by managing the Joris Ivens Archives in order to make them accessible to an interested public; 2. Creating a meeting-point for film makers and promoting the art of documentary films made from a humanitarian point of view.
With regard to archival activities the Foundation has set itself the following tasks: - looking for and acquiring and/or controlling records (documents, posters, photo graphs, etc.) and audio-visual products (with the exception of films) relating to the life and work of Joris Ivens; - preserving the collection which came into being in this way: - opening up, listing and making available the collected material; - collecting and making available general information about Joris Ivens.
On the strength of the general task the Foundation organises various activities, in particular: 
- initiating, advising, supervising and/or supporting projects referring to the life and work of Joris Ivens; 
- organising meetings, exhibitions, festivals, conferences, etc.; 
- initiating and supporting activities relating to the advancement of the creative documentary film; 
- co-operating with similar organisations.
For interested people a newsletter will appear once a year to inform them of the latest situation about the Ivens collection and about Foundation activities. Interested people, film makers, researchers and institutions organising projects round Joris Ivens or the creative documentary film can apply for information or questions to the Foundation office.
the office 
Since september 1997 the European Foundation Joris Ivens resides in Joris Ivens` birthtown Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The archives are kept in the Municipal Archives of Nijmegen. The office of the foundation is nearby the archives. From here we develop our activities.
When you need information or when you are doing a research on Joris Ivens, his films, or on documentary in general you can contact us, or explore the Joris Ivens Archives to find what you are looking for. We will try to help you where we can. If you want to organize something in relation to Joris Ivens and you think we might be a help to you, just contact us so we can see what we can do, or just inform us, for we like to know what happens elsewhere concerning Joris Ivens.

the board
On 17 September 1990 the European Foundation Joris Ivens was formally founded by Marceline Loridan-Ivens, following the wish of Joris Ivens himself to found an independent institution to keep his archives and to develop activities in relation to Documentary. In 2012 new boardmembers joined the foundation: 

Drs. Paul Kusters (1962, Nederland) 

Drs. Paul Kusters is film scholar. He studied film- and podiumarts at the Radboud Universiteit in Nijmegen and right now he is doing his PHD research about early film and aviation.  He has worked at educational publishers (Thieme Meulenhoff, Malmberg), universities (Utrecht and Nijmegen) and filmarchives. For the Dutch filmmuseum he worked on filmpreservation and documentation and as a manager for the Netherlands Institute for sound and vision, he was responsible for the filmarchive and the conservation of films. Since 2005 he is an independent image-researcher. He became involved in the work of Joris Ivens when he was working on the restoring of the nitratefilms in 1994 / 1995 in the Dutch filmmuseum. He is the president of the European Foundation Joris Ivens. 

Liang Luo, PhD (1974, China) 

Dr. Liang Luo is an associate professor of Chinese studies at the University of Kentucky in the United States. She holds a Ph.D. in East Asian languages and civilizations from Harvard University and an M.A. in comparative and world literature from Beijing Normal University. Her interest in avant-garde artists in China and their relationship with western avant-gardists introduced her to Joris Ivens. Her first book, The Avant-Garde and the Popular in Modern China: Tian Han and the Intersection of Performance and Politics, is published by the University of Michigan Press in 2014. She is currently working on two book-length projects, tentatively titled The Lure of the White Snake: From Folk Tales to Popular Culture, and Joris Ivens, the International Avant-garde, and Modern China. She is a book review editor for the Journal of Asian Studies and serves as a research professor at the Ewha Institute for the Humanities in Seoul, South Korea in 2014-2015. On the board of the EFJI, she is a general committee member.

Prof. Dr. Bert Hogenkamp (1951, Nederland)

Prof. Dr. Bert Hogenkamp is filmhistorian, specialized in documentary filmhistory. He studied history at the University of Amsterdam and obtained his PHD at the Westminister College. He is media-historian at the Netherlands Audiovisual Archive, what is called the ‘Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision’ since 2002 where he is the head of the department ‘research’. He is professor at the university of Utrecht and after that at the VU University in Amsterdam, holder of the Sound and Vision seat. He published standard reference works about the Dutch documentary history. In the seventies, he supported the international travelling exhibition of the Ivens-exposition and the restoration of the nitrate-films of Ivens in the Dutch Filmmuseum . Hogenkamp is boardmember of the Henri Storck Foundation and president of Studio Nieuwe Gronden. In the board of the ESJI he is general committee member.

Dr. Sylvain De Bleeckere (1950, België)

Dr. Sylvain De Bleeckere is philosopher and cultural scientist. He obtained his PHD at the Catholic University of Leuven on cultural philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. Since 1977, he is teaching at the architecture department of the University of Hasselt. He receives international recognition for his lectures and publications about cinematography (for example in the magazine Cinemagie), the culture of the image, Nietzsche and Tarkovski within the boundaries of his own fundamental vision on ‘visual thinking’. For many years he leads educational projects about regarding films, seeing them and understanding them. In his book ‘Une histoire de vent, a film symphony about the breath of the earth’ (1997), De Bleeckere revealed the many layers of Joris Ivens his last film. He is also president of Men(S)tis. In the board of the ESJI he is general committee member.

Dr. Ralf Schenk (1956, Duitsland)

Dr. Ralf Schenk is film historian and film critic. He studied journalism at the Karl Marx University in Leipzig and he wrote for magazines like ‘Film und Fernsehen’, ‘Die Weltbühne’ en ‘Wochenpost’. He came in contact with filmarchives and filmdistribution because of his job at the Filmmuseum Potsdam and PROGRESS Film-Verleih. As a researcher he published a lot about the (East)German film and filmculture, like standard reference works about the DEFA, the filmstudios of Babelsberg and several german filmmakers like Slatan Dudow, Manfred Krug and Frank Beyer. Since June 2012, Schenk is the president of the DEFA-Stiftung in Berlin which is researching and screening the collection of East german films worldwide. Schenk is in the selection committee of the filmfestivals Berlinale and DOK Leipzig. In the board of the ESJI he is general committee member.    

Former board members: 
Loridan-Ivens-Rozenberg (1990-2011)
Claude Brunel (1990-2011)     
José-Manuel Costa (1999-2011)
Tineke de Vaal (2001-2010)
Marc Vernet (2003-2012)
Jan Roelofs (2006-2012)
Henri Lange (Paris, 1990-1994, lawyer)
Martijn Sanders (Amsterdam, 1990-1994, president filmmuseum)
F.C.J. Ketelaar (The Hague, 1990-1997, state archivist)
Jean-Paul Sergent (Paris, 1990-2003, filmmaker, journalist)
Bert Hogenkamp (Amsterdam, 1992-1995, film researcher)
Marja Alofs (Nijmegen, 1999-2003, alderman)
Ed d`Hondt (Nijmegen, 1997-2001, mayor of Nijmegen)
Dan van Golberdinge (IJmuiden, 1995-2004) 
Guusje ter Horst (Nijmegen, 2001-2005, mayor of Nijmegen)
Sabine Lenk (2009-2013)
Marc Dankbaar (2011-2013)
Cornelis Nooteboom (2011-2013) †

Comité d`honneur

Theo Angelopoulos, filmmaker, Greece (1935-2012) † 
Tinto Brass filmmaker, Italy
Jérôme Clément, director ARTE, France
Constantin Costa Gavras, filmmaker, France
Régis Debray, publicist, France
Jack Lang, politician, France
Claude Lanzmann, filmmaker, France
Edgar Morin, sociologist, France
Vincenzo Franco Porcelli, filmproducer, Italy
Ignacio Ramonet, editor-journalist, France
Edgar Reitz, filmmaker, Germany
Jean Rouch, filmmaker, France (1917-2004) † 
Paolo Taviani, filmmaker, Italy
Jan de Vaal (1922-2001) † 
Frederick Wiseman, filmmaker, Verenigde Staten




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