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Set of 8 Joris Ivens postcards
authors Filmstills and portraits of Joris Ivens and photos of the Ivens monument in Nijmegen by Henk Braam Set van 8 Joris Ivens postcards
date of publication February 2007
publisher European Foundation Joris Ivens
illustrations 1 photo per card
description Series of 8 unique postcards with photos from the Joris Ivens Archives, kept by the European Foundation Joris Ivens.
price € 4,95 euro for 1 set of 8 postcards


Ivens, Marker, Godard, Jarman. Erinnerung im Essayfilm
Ivens, Marker, Godard, Jarman. Erinnerung im Essayfilm authors Christina Scherer
date of publication 2001
publisher Wilhelm Fink Verlag, München (DE)
series Collections of the European Foundation Joris Ivens
pages 415
illustrations 350
ISBN 3-7705-3576-6
language German
price € 41,00


Rondom Joris Ivens, wereldcineast. Het begin, 1898-1934
authors André Stufkens, Jan en Tineke de Vaal (ed) Rondom Joris Ivens, wereldcineast. Het begin, 1898-1934
date of publication 1988
publisher Het Wereldvenster / Nijmeegs Museum Commanderie van Sint Jan (NL)
pages 216
language Dutch
ISBN 90-269-4437-3
illustrations 350
price € 15,00


Gevaarlijk leven. Een biografie van Joris Ivens
Gevaarlijk leven. Een biografie van Joris Ivens authors Hans Schoots
date of publication 1995
publisher Uitgeverij Jan Mets
pages 560
illustrations 350
ISBN 90-5330-162-3
language Dutch
price € 15,00


Film poster Philips Radio
authors Anneke van der Feer Film poster Philips Radio
date 1931 (reprinted in 2005)
publisher European Foundation Joris Ivens
pages 1
edition paper (67 x 100 centimeters)
description Anneke van der Feer made this poster for the film Philips Radio in 1931 the old fashion way, she combined lithography with charcoal drawing. The poster was elected "most beautiful Dutch film poster ever made" by filmmagazine Skrien in 2002. It is one of the highlights of the Joris Ivens Archive and was recently restored. This extraordinary film poster is now available to the public for the first time. Size: 67 x 100 cm.
price € 7,50 euro, exclusive packaging and postage.


Inventory of the Joris Ivens Archives
author Kees Bakker
date 1999
publisher European Foundation Joris Ivens
series Collections of the European Foundation Joris Ivens
pages 106
edition paperback
ISBN 90 804651 1 9 (NUGI 922)
language English, Dutch
description the inventorylist with the placement numbers of all the documents of the Joris Ivens Archives.
price € 12,00


Passages, Joris Ivens and the arts of this century
authors André Stufkens (editor), Ida Boelema, John Steen, Marion Michelle, Catherine Duncan, Sylvain De Bleeckere, Karin Coopman
date 1999
publisher Museum Het Valkhof / European Foundation Joris Ivens
edition hard cover, 272 p., 670 ill., full colour
ISBN 90 6829 062 2
language Dutch
description book accompanying the exhibition which describes in five periods the cultural-historical context of Joris Ivens' films in relation to other arts.
price € 29,00


Une Histoire de Vent (A Tale of the Wind)
author Sylvain De Bleeckere
date 1997
publisher KFL / KFA, Kok-Kampen
series Zin in Film
edition paperback, 56 p., 6 ill., bl/w
ISBN 90 242 7909 7
language Dutch
description an insightful analysis of Ivens' last film, made together with Marceline Loridan-Ivens, with an explanation of its structure and its complex layers of meanings, metaphors and mythological figures from Chinese culture.
price € 4,00


Inventory of the Hans Wegner Collectie
authors Huub Jansen, Kees Bakker
date 2001
publisher European Foundation Joris Ivens
series Collections of the European Foundation Joris Ivens
edition paperback, 64 p.
ISBN 90 804651 3 5
language Dutch
description the inventory list with the placement numbers of all documents assembled by 
Hans Wegner, friend and DEFA-producer; the collection is a deposit of the 
price € 12,00


Joris Ivens, Una storia di vento / a wind's tale
authors Gaetano Capizzi, André Stufkens, Virgilio Tosi, Goffredo Fofi, Huub Jansen, Marina Ganzerli (editor), Marceline Loridan-Ivens, Tineke de Vaal, Marion Michelle, Stefano Missio, paolo Taviani, Vittorio Taviani, Tinto Brass, Alessandro Giorgio
date October 2002
publisher Associazione Culturale Cinemambiente (dir. Gaetano Capizzi), Via Vicenza 26, 10144 Torino
illustrations 73
pages 186
edition paperback
language bilingual: English / Italian
description This book accompanies the retrospective at the CinemAmbiente festival on environmental film in Turin, focusing on Ivens' relation towards environment and nature, personal memories and research on Ivens' relation with Italy, his film L'ITALIA NON È UN PAESE POVERO and an iconographical list of themes.
price € 25,00


Joris Ivens, Cinema e Utopia
author Virgilio Tosi
date October 2002
publisher Bulzoni Editore, 00185 Roma, Via dei Liburni 14
series cinema / studio nr. 45 (editor: Orio Caldiron)
illustrations 55
pages 244
edtion paperback
language Italian
description Virgilio Tosi, professor at the Scuola Nazionale di Cinema (Rome), former director of the Ciné-clubs of Italy and befriended with Ivens since 1949, wrote a monograph on Ivens, added with personal memories and Ivens' relation with Italy.
price € 19,00


Cinema without Borders; the films of Joris Ivens
authors Jeanne Wikler, Richard Peña, Wanda Bershen, Marceline Loridan-Ivens, André Stufkens (editor), Tom Gunning, Marion Michelle, Charles Musser, Sylvain De Bleeckere, Huub Jansen and Bram Relouw
date March 2002
publisher European Foundation Joris Ivens with the support of the Netherlands Culture Fund; Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
Ministry of education, Culture & Science; Consulate General of New York, Filmmuseum and Holland Film
illustrations 250
pages 96
edition paperback
ISBN 90 804651 4 3
language English
description this catalogue accompanied the North-American tour and focuses a.o. on Ivens' relation with Vincent van Gogh, his nine years stay in de USA and Canada and the parallels between Ivens and Paul Robeson.
review 'A magnificent catalogue titled 'Cinema without Borders' (available for a reasonable price) has been produced to accompany the tour and will make a fine addition to any cinema library' Film Freak Fantasies
price $ 15 or € 15,00


Poesie und Politik, Der Dokumentarfilmer Joris Ivens (1898-1989)
authors Jan-Pieter Barbian (editor), Werner Ruzicka (editor), Hans Schoots, Klaus Kreimeier, Bert Hogenkamp, Hans Helmut Prinzler, Peter Nau, Manfred Dammeyer, Fred Gehler, Wolfgang Bergmann
date January 2002
publisher Wissenschaftverlag Universität Trier, Cinémathèque Municipale de Luxembourg
series Reihe: 'Internationale Studien zur Filmgeschichte'
edition paperback
ISBN 3 88476 489 6
language German
description This collection of articles has been made after the lectures held by German and Dutch film scholars, historians and journalists at the occasion of the centenary of Joris Ivens at the Duisburger Dokumentarfilmwoche in November 1998.
price contact us!


Living Dangerously, a biography of Joris Ivens
author Hans Schoots
date 2000
publisher Amsterdam University Press
illustrations 24 (b/w)
pages 444
edition paperback and hardcover
ISBN 90 5356 388 1 (paperback)
90 5356 433 0 (hardback)
language English / Dutch ('Gevaarlijk leven', 1995)
description the controversial biography which started a polemic about Joris Ivens' political views and films in the Dutch press.
price € 27,00 (paperback)
€ 56,72 (hardback)


Kaze - The Wind, a Joris Ivens retrospective
authors Claude Brunel, Kees bakker, Günter Jordan, Li Zexiang, Catherine Duncan, Marion Michelle
date 1999
publisher Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival / European Foundation Joris Ivens
illustrations 51(bl/w)
pages 80
edition paperback
language bilingual: English / Japanese
description catalogue of the retrospective at the YIDFF with interviews, backgrounds, reportages, focussing on Ivens and Japan.
price € 12,00


Joris Ivens and the Documentary Context
authors Kees Bakker (editor), José Manuel Costa, André Stufkens, Günter Jordan, Alfons Machalz, Michèle Lagny, Virgilio Tosi, Jean-Pierre Sergent, Bill Nichols, Brian Winston, Thomas Waugh, Bert Hogenkamp, Claude Brunel, Sylvain De Bleekere
date 1999
publisher Amsterdam University Press / European Foundation Joris Ivens
series Film Culture in Transition (ed. Thomas Elsaesser)
illustrations 64 (b/w)
pages 320
edition paperback and hardback
ISBN 90 5356 389 (paperback)
90 5356 425 (hardback)
language English
description a multidisciplinary book presenting social, political and aesthetic facets of Ivens' works as well as documentary film in general.
price € 25,00 (paperback)
€ 40,00 (hardback)


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