NAMU in Prague, the publishing house of the Academy of Arts, presented the Czech translation of André Stufkens book Joris Ivens. Filmmaker of the World (518 pages). This Czech book explores the content, production, meaning and reception of 21 Ivens films and was first published in Dutch and German in 2008 and 2009 as part of the DVD box. Especially a chapter about the relationship between Joris Ivens and the Czech Republic has been added, focussing on the documentary The First Years.

Read more: Czech book on Ivens

Arthur Locke/ Chang, former Secretary of the Chinese Seamen's Union and actor in the 1946 film Indonesia Calling! passed away on 15th of January.  On the film still of this page we see Arthur delivering a fiery address to a crowd of seamen in Sydney in 1945 in support of Indonesia Merdeka / Independent Indonesia. This was the only sequence of Indonesia Calling! with sound registration.

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What do water, snow and rain sound like? In the Sculpture Park ‘Waldfrieden’ in Wuppertal compositions of Berio, Debussy, Ligeti and Eisler will be performed with the theme of water. The documentary Rain (Regen, 1929) of Joris Ivens and Mannus Franken will be screened twice: once silent and once with life music. 

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The Dutch Art Istitute presents on Sunday October 18th a roaming assembly at Showroom in Arnhem about contemporary artists reflecting on history through the revolutionary lens of art and cinema. With André Stufkens, and artists from Australia (Vivian Ziherl, Tom Nicholson), from The Netherlands (Wendelien van Oldenborgh) and Indonesia (Farid Rakun).

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This month October Ivens’ films will be presented during major documentary festivals in Japan and the Czech Republic. Also the new created Bertha DocHouse in London will screen an Ivensfilm in their programme.

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The Black Armada (Armada Hitam) opening at the Museum Benteng Vredeburg, Yogyakarta on 31 August with the permanent screening of Ivens' Indonesia Calling showed decorations, traditional dancers, prayers, speeches, a sumptuous feast, and to top it all off, an explosion-packed historical re-enactment of a battle by Indonesian freedom fighters. Film and exhibition commemorate the Australian support of the fight for independence of the Republic of Indonesia 70 years ago.

Read more: Indonesia Calling in Yogyakarta

On 20 August Mr. H.E. Nadjib Riphat Kesoema, Indonesian Ambassador in Canberra, Australia, will open the exhibition ‘Black Armada / Armada Hitam’ at the National Maritime Museum in Sydney. It is about the support of the fight of independence of the young Republic of Indonesia by black banning Dutch ships in the harbour of Sydney, as presented in Ivens’ film Indonesia Calling (1946). On 31 August the Indonesian and Australian Ambassador will open the Indonesian version of this exhibition at the Benteng Independence Museum in Yogyakarta.

Read more: Sydney and Yogyakarta honor Indonesia Calling!

Joris Ivens' first wife, photographer Germaine Krull (1897-1985), made pioneering photos during the 1920's and 1930's. In the Parisian museum Jeu de paume an overview of her photographic oeuvre is exhibited until 27 September. Curator Michel Frizot attempts to shed a new light on the influence of Krull: she is the most important photojournalist in between wars publishing at least ten photo books and many innovative press articles with a new lay out and use of photos in magazines.

Read more: Germaine Krull: A Photographer's Journey in Jeu de paume, Paris

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