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Curator: Travis Wilkerson
Films: 400 cm³ by Studio H&S, East Germany
National Archive by Travis Wilkerson, US


Studio H&S: Walter Heynowski und Gerhard Scheumann – Programm 2 from absolutMEDIENBerlin on Vimeo.

An excerpt from the film '400cm3' has been replaced by the trailer of this film.
Read more about the curators choice down here.

Lees meer: MAR2017: One at ground level. The other, at towering heights (Curator: Travis Wilkerson)


Curator: Erika Sprey
Film: Las Cosas
Director: Lindas Miguel Coyula

This is one chapter of the longer film 'Nadie'. The interview with the curator Erika Sprey will be added down here soon:

Lees meer: APR 2017: Las Cosas Lindas (Miguel Coyula) Curator: Erika Sprey



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