Politiek en Poëzie

Curator: Ezra Winton (Cinema Politica)
Name artist: Réal Junior Leblanc
Title of the work: Uprooted Generation
Year of production: 2013
Format: Video


We are very glad that Ezra Winton of Cinema Politica from Canada selected this film 'uprooted generation' for us. The reason why he selected this film for our page 'Politics and Poetry' is very clear: The film is part poem and part documentary, dedicated to the victims of residential schools. The film includes reflections on cultural disconnection, personal and community trauma, resilience, and the healing power of art.

Lees meer: April 2015: Uprooted Generation (Réal Junior Leblanc) Curator: Ezra Winton

Curator: Wytze Koppelman (European platform film students 'Breaking Ground')
Name director: János Richter
Name film: Guañape Sur
Year of production: 2010
Shooting format: HD Cam
Documentary / Italy / 23 Minutes

This film was only available to warch in March 2015 thanks to János Richter and Andana Films. Contact them to see the film. Here you can watch the trailer of the film. We asked Wytze Koppelman, coordinator of the European platform for film students 'Breaking Ground' to be curator this month. He selected the film 'Guañape Sur of János Richter. Wytze sees a lot of films from a new genaration filmmakers all over Europe, so it is interesting to ask him about what strikes him at the moment, especially in the light of 'Politics and Poetry'.

Lees meer: March 2015: Guañape Sur (János Richter) Curator:Wytze Koppelman

Curator: Malva Castillo Venturelli

Name artist: José Venturelli
Title of the work you have chosen: Caballero del Lucero
English title: "Rider of bright star"
Year of production: 1983
Material: Acrylic paint on canvas


Malva Castillo Venturelli is the coordinator of the Fundación José Venturelli in Chile. A while ago, The European Foundation Joris Ivens got in contact with the Fundación José Venturelli because Venturelli and Ivens used to be friends in the past. Venturelli died in 1988, just one year before Joris Ivens past away. We asked Malva Castillo Venturelli to select a piece of art in the light of 'Politics and Poetry'. She selected 'Caballero del Lucero' which means "Rider of bright star". Read the interview down here.

Lees meer: February 2015: Caballero del Lucero (José Venturelli) Curator: Malva Castillo Venturelli

Curator: European Foundation Joris Ivens

Name director: Pedro Mota Tavares
Name film: REDUTO
English title:  REDOUBT
Year of production: 2014
Year and place of premiere: 2014/ DocLisboa (Lisbon, PT)
Shooting format: DV video

We picked ourselves -the European Foundation Joris Ivens-  as the first curator of the Politics and Poetry page. The film we want to show is from Pedro Tavares from Portugal, who had an internship at the foundation last year. He was very enthusiastic on the topic  'politics and poetry' so we like him to open up this page. READ INTERVIEW WITH PEDRO MOTA TAVARES:

Lees meer: JANUARY 2015: Reduto (Pedro Mota Tavares) Curator:European Foundation Joris Ivens



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